The design team at Horizon Media Group offers award-winning creative services to promote your business, product, or organization. Our clients come to us from down the street and across the country. We're located in Paducah’s Lower Town Arts District neighborhood, allowing easy communication between individuals at all stages of production for your job. 

Fueled by the finest organic coffee*, we bring a passion for problem-solving and dedication to detail for projects with budgets large and small. That's because we're printers, graphic designers and web gurus. We're branding experts, logo designers, videographers and SEO nerds. We're pretty amazing really. Honestly, we don't know how we put up with ourselves. 

Ironically (Maybe? Let's ask Alanis.), we're not great at blowing our own horn. We are great at what we do though, and we prefer to let our design work speak for itself.

 If you're looking for  expert graphic design, come see us. If you're looking for stunning web design, come see us. If you've got cookies, definitely come see us.  

If you need plain-spoken, honest communication with  design professsionals who care deeply about making your marketing materials look great, please, do come see us.  About the only thing we take seriously is our work, and we know you'll be happy with the results. For more that 20 years, we've had a way of transforming our clients marketing needs into concrete ideas and strategies that work. Whether it's web or graphic  design, social media marketing, branding, or something entirely different, we'd love the chance to work with you on your next project. Like it says on the tin, Ideas Live Here.  

* The standard office coffee is fair-trade Equal Exchange Organic Love Buzz. We do not discriminate against any variety of caffeine, designers regularly consume tea** and Coke Zero.
** The British guy would like it noted that he’s not the one drinking tea.