Ah Branding. It sounds exactly like the sort of thing Omnia Skincare was made for.  Please, read that sentence again. Of course, we're talking about product and company Branding.

Omnia hired us to create an effective brand for their line of skincare products. This is the result.

Print Design

We created several different postcards, one for each product in the Omnia skincare lineup.  Each card used an image in the public domain that was colorized and edited to include the Onmia product.

Logo Development

Their logo at the time was very clinical, following the current trend of trying to make everything look like a prescription. We quickly decided to go the other direction. We created a 'retro' feel using bright colors that help identify the product categories.


What's in the box?!? Well, Skin Rescue, that's what. And a hand. No, really if you open the box, and look at the inside flap, there's a little "It's A-OK" sign. It's the little things that make us smile, That and Wrath. Look it up.