A 5 Color Ryobi press, that you can't get with the competition.  Horizon Media Group is the areas only all-in-house creative services provider.

We keep hearing that "print isn't what it used to be". "It's a dying art." they say.  Well, *they* are wrong.

Print is still a dominating force in modern marketing. A well designed print piece will also catch and hold peoples' attention.  We've noticed that the *they* that talk down print, are almost always the folks that don't offer it as an option. Print isn't easy. It takes a large investment, a lot of space, and a dedicated staff that understand what it takes to get ink on the page. You can probably get away without that last one, but only if you don't care what the end product looks like. (We're looking at you VistaPrint).

Luckily, we have all three elements in-house. That's important. If you don't understand why, then we're probably not the firm you're looking for. If, on the other hand it does matter, then you understand that in-house means you have qaulity control with accountability. It also means we can sometimes do the impossible. Like if you come to us on a Monday, needing a thousand calendars on Friday. Trust us, this happens. We encourage you to see how that works out for you at a 'big box' printer.

A Stahl folder. Not much to look at, but that's offset (pun intended) by the great design work that runs through it. The centerpiece of our press room is  5 color UV LED Ryobi, with fancy automated ink replenishers run by two unapproachable but highly competent press men. They're mean, but we love em anyway.  We have several 2 color presses (Hamada's) and a bunch of letterpresses (Heidelberg and Kelly). We use Stahl folders and Mueller saddlebinders.  If all this sounds strangely sexy, you need a new hobby, but you'll fit right in as a client.