Sometimes we do things that don't fit the usual categories for a design shop. Sometimes its a blog, sometimes a video, sometimes it involves apologies and a tetanus shot. We've decided to document some of these things. Some. Not all.

We apologize in advance.

Notes and Observations

A Note about Failure   Some days you find you just can't get there from here.  Despite your best efforts, the work your doing doesn't connect with the client. Or, they love the design, but they can't use it because of restrictions they have no control over.  Welcome to the wonderful world of design. We recently worked...


Two fonts walk into a bar...

... the barkeep looks and says "Sorry lads, we don't serve your type here."

You're welcome.

Bleed - It's worse than it sounds!

This time we tackle bleed, or at least we try. You'll see.

A unicorn on the what?

A short explainer on why we can't print your 3 page catalog without some...adjustments.

Vector File format

It’s hard to understand raster images, and we’re about to make it much more complicated. Welcome to the wonderful world of Vector File formats. They're math all the way down, but don't worry, you can leave your calculator at home.

Resolution - Bigger is better. Sorry.

A video explaining (with varying success,) image resolution. Why despite your fervent hopes it turns out bigger really is better.

Spot Colors

So, you know that last video about how you can't get bright colors in cmyk? Yeah, about that

A Conversation about Color(space)

No one asked for this, but here's everything you need to know about RGB and CMYK color space but were afraid to ask