Horizon Media Group evolved from a long history of printing.More than a century and a half ago, in a building only a few blocks away, Paducah Printing was founded. For over one hundred years, employees set type and printed projects as a matter of business. As computer technology advanced, certain employees began to focus their talent and creativity into designing for their existing print clients. This is how Horizon Media Group was born. We've grown to be a leader in both print and web design, without forgetting the long-standing ties to our community.

We've come a long way from our typesetting roots.

Today,  Horizon Media Group loves to work on projects large and small. However, we're not psychic; we need you to let us know you're interested. Call us, email us, send us a fax if you prefer. We can set up an appointment to discuss your project in person at our office or your location. If you're not sure exactly what you need, we can help you determine the best solution.

Our home offices are located in Paducah KY, with represenatatives in  Lexington and Nashville TN.  

Call 1.800.726.0428 for more information.

Our Team
John Benjamin
Creative Director

I've spent my entire career avoiding ties. Possibly emotional ones, but definitely the sort you wear around your neck. I have been a recording studio owner, but I've also been a 'dustbin man' (read trash collector) so there's no telling what I'm capable of.  I've been with Horizon Media Group long enough to have become part of the furniture, and I'm grateful to work with an amazing group of people. And David.

David Moore
Senior Designer

David has been a graphic designer at Horizon Media Group for over five years. If you have a magazine or book that needs to be produced, he’s probably your guy. If you don’t have a magazine or book that needs to be produced, he’ll try anyway. Outside of work he’s into real manly stuff like retro video games.

Shianne Smith

We do all this amazing stuff, but what's the point if no one knows about it?  To that end, meet our new Sales person Shianne Smith. Shianne has been a part of the HMG family for years, but only recently decided to actually work with us. Something about personalities and last resorts she says...

She currently holds the 'Welcome Taco' as her second most prized possession. The most prized is a blind miniature pony. There are some mysteries best left uncovered.

Oh, and she's recently become a mum too. Guess we should mention that.