All the Expertise & Creativity of a Commercial Studio. All the Passion & Personal Commitment of a Local Agency.

Your Voice. Our Design.

We believe good creative only comes from a relationship that is transparent and accessible. That’s why our designers communicate and collaborate directly with clients, one-on-one.

No more guesswork on a project or campaign! You can consult side-by-side with a passionate creative expert who is personally committed to amplifying your brand’s mission through insightful, award-winning creative work that is tailored to you.

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Good design is not about what medium you’re working in. It’s about thinking hard on what you want to do and what you have to work with, before you start.

Over a century and a half ago, Paducah Printing was founded as a personalized solution for growing enterprises. For over one hundred years, our experts set type and printed projects for businesses across the region. As technology and businesses have advanced and grown, so too have our capabilities—and our curiosities! And along the way, we branched off with a studio that could focus solely on creative. This is how Horizon Media Group was born.

Nowadays, we are a tight and focused team of experts who do it all! From inspiring digital designs and videos for your website or social platforms to reliable commercial printing and large-scale signage, we’re equipped to provide a full spectrum of creative production for every stage of your business growth.

Paducah Printing, circa 1914.
Paducah Printing, circa 1914.


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