It just so happens, we have a couple of real movies nerds working here at the shop. Let's face it, we have nerds of many varieties, but lets stick to movies for the moment. Horizon Media Group have worked with Maiden Alley Cinema and the Paducah Film Society from the early days. We've created the look and feel for not only their cinema, but also the Rivers Edge International Film Festival and OktoberFest. We're proud to play a role in bringing Art House cinema to Paducah.

Maiden Alley Cinema's website has more going on than meets the eye. We created custom code to allow the site administrators to quickly add films, without having to manually enter everything, as well as automatically pulling in movie posters. As close to 'one click and done' as you could ask for. 

River's Edge International Film Festival

While we're at it, let's not forget the Rivers Edge International Film Festival. We're more than a little proud of the work we've done for REIFF, from the website, to the programme guides to the music loop that plays before each showing, we're pretty much everywhere. As a matter of fact, our Creative Director served on the Selection Committee for several years. He tells us it was incredibly satisfying. We're unsure if that's because he got to watch amazing film, or because he welded unfettered control over the fates of film.. muh, muh huh huh, mwuhahahahah!

Print Design

Now, before you go all "Where's the print stuff?", here's some print stuff. We're more than a pretty face 'round here. You know, we've won awards for this stuff.