Ah the Symphony. Starched shirts, white gloves and the scent of old money. Expect maybe it isn't. Maybe it's something altogether unexpected. Something downright crazy in a small town in the American Heartland.  The Paducah Symphony Orchestra is a surprising anomaly in a town of 25,000. That's what's makes them the perfect fit for an anomaly of a town, and why Horizon Media Group is the perfect fit for the Symphony.  Short of playing the instruments we do everything we possibly can to help the PSO reach out to the community and beyond. For years, Horizon Media Group has worked in concert (get it? concert?!?) with the PSO for all their media needs.

Now, hand me my tuba?


Score is the Symphonies quarterly magazine. It's full of useful information, including deep-dives into the pieces being performed and biographies of the amazingly talented musicians. 


Getting the PSO website was a big deal for us. We'd always felt their site needed to do more. We worked with the PSO to create a new site that pulls articles from Score magazine, and give the user the option to dig in.