Sabona of London


Sabona has had a long-standing relationship with Horizon Media Group – and Paducah Printing – for more than 15 years. They continue to come to us for a wide variety of projects including catalogs, order forms, packaging, mailings, banners, websites, photography, video… and our ideas.

Together, we’ve refined their look to an elegant yet approachable style. Our carefully organized collection of product images grew into a media site, where their retail partners across the globe can access high-resolution photos and other product support. Through their online web store, they can manage inventory and shipping information and securely sell their products to customers. Stunning photography in their award-winning catalogs show retailers what they can expect when carrying Sabona bracelets.

Our advice and insight into social media, aesthetic, and even product design continue to make this a vibrant and growing partnership.

Sabona website
Sabona Product Catalog


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