It's a world gone mad, and people are just trying to figure out their next moves.  Sounds like your typical post-apocalyptic teen angst but well, it isn't, is it?

Horizon Signs has pre-designed signage to help

Notify your customers or patients of your new procedures due to COVID-19 restrictions.  We have standard generic signs ready to deliver. We can also create custom designed signage for your specific needs, using your logo and any other materials you need.

Our products include corporate signs, window cling, A-frame signs, floor graphics and more.

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Bringin' our A-frame

Let your customers know what's going on with the perfect way to advertise your business. Cost effective  and durable, A-Frames are an affordable advertising solution for almost any organization.  Plastic constructions require less maintenance because they will not rust or splinter in inclement conditions. Available with insert panels that can be printed with your custom designs.

Yes, we did come up with this

Someone had to. Never one to miss an opportunity for a bad pun, we immediately saw the value in this clever yard sign.  Unfortunately we don't have a restaurant so we're offering this for people who do. 

Window Clings

Need something to grab attention at your front door or window?  We have you covered for that too.  Our window clings can be designed for whatever goal you have in mind, and offer a quick, effective line of communication with your customer.

Floor Graphics

Everyone needs their space. Obviously.  What's perhaps not so obvious is how far apart we should be. Six foot? Two meters? What's a meter? Why's a meter?!?

Use custom floor graphics to let your customers know exactly where you want them! Take the guesswork out of your distancing requirements using our pre-designed or custom graphics.